Introductions are in order..

Well here we are folks.

For those who have not seen my social media pages or website my name is Jessie and I am from Hershey, Pennsylvania. I am a bartender/server with a very creative background and an organizational skill set to match. I can be a little quirky at time and other times sassy, Hades from Disney’s Hercules sassy. And I am starting my own online consulting business.

A little about what I do:

Work wise:

I have a full time job at a local Restaurant. As of now, with the Coronavirus taking over, I am out of work. It has given me the opportunity and time to come up with a business strategy and launch my new online business as a virtual consultant with multiple services.


I have a very active and creative mind and that means I always have to be doing something:

  • Reading, writing, painting, planning, organizing, drawing, cooking, baking, and more

I am always willing to give something new a try. If I am not good at it, I can always move on to the next thing. With this consulting business, I am combining a bunch of my favorite things into one whole hobby. I have never been this excited about my geeky hobbies in my life.

What I will be posting:

For my blog I have decided to use it as a fun journal as well as showcasing some new projects I am working on. I love to read so expect some book reviews to pop up here and there. If you have a book you think I should read, please comment or dm me. I’ll post some of my own personal organizational and planning strategies. I love helping people get organized so if you have any questions let me know and check out my website for helpful tips and tricks!

I also love food. Please be prepared for food pictures and recipes.

This is my fur baby, Pixel.

My little kitty, Pixel, loves to hang around while I do work. This was earlier today when I was working from the bed. She is the best cat everrrr. I mean that too, I will prove it someday with a video of her playing fetch. haha. Well you will be seeing her around a lot too.

Overall I think…

This blog should be an enjoyable and entertaining part of my life and I hope part of some of your lives too. I am always open to some suggestions whether you want me to read something and write a review to DIY projects! I plan on getting a youtube channel running her soon with everything from tutorials to webinars. If you have any advice on running a video channel I would love to hear it.

Send out some comments and message me with any questions or advice or if you just want to chat about anything I have posted.

Jessie Val

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