The Witching Doors: Unhinged | Writing Prompt 01

“One door gives you what you want, one door gives you what you need, and one door gives you what you deserve.“



Legend says, there once were three doorways. These doorways were believed to have come from the great beyond, where man is both taken and judged after death. Way back when our ancestors lived on Earth they were very interested in what happens when we are no longer a presence on Earth. Their curiosity grew and their questions on life ended up draining them of living their own.

As an answer to this marveling over the after life, our ancestor’s Greater Being(s) put on Earth three doorways. They were all placed in separate parts of the world. They were old oak doors with brass handles and ancient stone archways. Each door was exactly the same in physical appearance, just separated from each other. Once you got close to a door an engraving would show at the top in of the stoned archway. Each engraving started out different. One door would say ‘Wants’, another ‘Needs’ , and the last ‘deserve’. If you were to reach for the doorknob to open more engravings would show. All of these words were exactly the same on each stoned archway.

‘ The Witching Doors of Three. One of us will show you everything you would want and how to achieve it. Another will show you everything you need and give you the way to receive it. The last will show you everything you deserve and give you exactly that. You may only enter one door. So choose wisely. Upon reaching the door of your choice you will hold the doorknob and recite why you DID’NT choose the other two doors. After giving your two reasons you will be able to enter through your desired door. BEWARE: There is only one way out and that is through to the other side of the room.’

Many of our ancestors have tried and located all the doors. Only a few came out with full knowledge of what they must do in life along with special gifts. The others came out feeling nothing but dread and loathing. After innumerable amounts of souls coming out of the doors feeling poorly about themselves and their lives, people were more hesitant to enter through a door. The people were less willing to take a chance on their own fate.

What’s really going on

It is said now that those doors did way more than what they explained to the people who used them. Since they were sent from the Greater Being(s), it was a test to those who dared to enter. The test being your answer to why you didn’t choose the other two doors. Your answers would be evaluated and judge you on your character.

Here is the kicker, every door was the what you deserve door. No matter what the door you stood in front of, you would walk through the archway and it would show you what you most deserve. What you experienced through the door depended on your two reasons for not entering the other doors. If you gave wholesome, down to earth, becoming answers you would enter into a walkway of everything you needed and wanted to help you survive and move forward in life. If you gave greedy, selfish, revolting answers you would enter a hellish walkway of your worst regrets and fears.

Our ancestors always thought they were a gift of choice when really they were a decider of you and your souls fate.

Would you have gone through The Witching Doors?

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