Inspiration 01: Coffee && Film Score

Today is National Film Score Day

I know it sounds silly but trust me. Throw on a Film Score playlist right now. Spotify has some great playlists and I am currently listing to ‘Focus: Film Scores’. So in honor of the holiday I will be seeping my inspiration through the beautiful sounds of John Williams, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, Patrick Doyle, and many more.

I went to bed last night saying I was going to make today a productive day. I always strive to make everyday a productive one. So let me tell you…

…how I am making today, April 3rd, 2020: Day 18 of quarantine, my bitch.

To start off I am a bartender/server so my days usually start at the earliest 9am and the latest 12pm. So I usually am the most creative from late afternoon to late at night. But I started today, around 10am, by getting up and starting some laundry, showering/pampering, and setting a writing plan for the day. Which lead me to my favorite part of the day, making coffee. Today I ground up some fresh beans and used our french press. It was truely beautiful and I am now craving more. I cleaned up my desk and organized my area while my boyfriend made breakfast. After finishing the laundry and completing some other chores, I read my email.

To add to my productive activities I also received some exciting news. I was chosen to be an Ambassador for Pura Vida Bracelets!! I will explain more of that through my Instagram but they are a Costa Rica based artisan community who sell handmade accessories and give back to the world. I hope to make them proud an get some more donations and income for all the artists involved. Like I said I will be sharing some more information about that through my Instagram with special codes and fun information!

Now I have a full night of film scores and creativity to accomplish. I am feeling really good about this and hoping to continue this productivity and positivity throughout the weekend!

Jessie Val

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