Green Thumbs

Hey guys happy national gardening day to all my green thumbs out there!

I wanted to present some fun and interesting gardening facts with you today but unfortunately time was not my friend today. The time I set aside for some research got eaten up by car issues. Thank god I got those figured out but it did take up half of my day and I had to sacrifice some things. Sorry guys, but life is life. I still am going to share with you my gardening plans for the summer!

I have already started pulling weeds and fixing up the flower beds but there is still much work that needs to be done on them. I am planning on planting some lilies to start off and then going from there. We do have a little garden that our landlord usually uses but he told us that he will only be using half of it this year and encouraged us to plant some things of our own.

Next time I am out I will be picking up kale, bell peppers, and jalapeƱos!! These should all be great summer veggies to start off our gardening adventure at our house! We are planning to grab some fall veggies as well, butternut squash, acorn squash, and eggplant! I am also going to invest in one of those mini, in home, herb gardens. I want to have fresh cilantro, mint, and basil!

I am really excited to get my green thumb and join my dad in the home gardening lifestyle.

Please share any tips you may have from building your own at home farm! I would love to see what everyone else has going on!

Jessie Val

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