Inspiration 03 | Gin && Goals

What’s been on my mind…

… words cannot express how happy I am to be writing on a daily basis now and working towards making a career out of it. But I have found myself constantly asking myself… ‘how can I become a better blogger?’ Mostly I have been doing research by reading a more broad range of blogs, all the time. I question, is this something I could find myself interested in writing or would my lack of enthusiasm cause the writing to suffer? How would I approach writing this article? What would I make my list contain? I have the mindset I have been pushing for since I found out I could actually make something of my writing abilities.

What makes me believe that I can make this into a career…

…I find myself thinking more like a writer and a business women with everything I read, write, and post. I have always had a passion for writing and, obviously, had a love for reading, but these last few weeks a fire has sprung inside of me. I find myself thinking about everything and anything to help myself improve and grow into the writer I have always dreamed to be. My greatest goal in all of this, I want to make people enjoy and feel something about what I create. Whether it is good or bad. I want to spark some kind emotion in my readers. I believe that is the biggest part of being a successful writer. You challenge someone to feel a curtain way, to grasp and understanding or concern about a topic. That is what I want to provide for people and I just hope some people out there will enjoy and engage with what I write.

Which brings me to…

… What will I write about? I already have to categories that I would like to continue with.

  1. The Inspiration Story line I have going (this post is the third). If you have read my other Inspiration posts you would’ve probably noticed that they are more on a personal level. These are where I can let my mind freely go and give updates on my life, well-being, and activities. I look forward to these times of the week. They help me regain a sense of improvement and allow me to set goals and plan for the future.
  2. The Creativity Story line that I have recently started. These allow me to share my new story’s and my process of creation. I believe this would be a great way to express my impromptu writing prompts. Basically this set of blog posts would be my creative side coming out on the page.
  3. The Bookworm Story is an idea I have had for a while. My love of books cannot be hidden, I am a true bibliophile. Just check out my instagram. This is where I will express that love of books by showing you the many reasons why I appreciate them so much. Also to show you what is out there to love.
  4. The Nerdy Story line will be all that I love about the entertainment world. You will receive fun facts about different media’s in the entertainment world. A main subject will be Disney because as I have expressed before I am a huge disnerd. These posts will show you why I love Disney so much. There will also be movies, tv shows, webinars, other blogs. There is no limit to the entertainment world. That is the beauty of it and why opinions need to be expressed about it.

My goals are set…

… now to achieve them. I am going to finish out my night researching on how to reach those goals. Tomorrow motions set in and a plan is organized.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration 03 | Gin && Goals

    • Thank you so much! I actually only started blogging in March this year. I had to take a little break for personal issues but I am pulling myself back into it and plan on reorganizing a few things on the website. thank you so much for your kind words and feedback!


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