NO EXIT: A Novel | Book Review 01

“Don’t fear the pros, Darby. The pros know what they are doing, and do it cleanly. Fear the amateurs.”

NO EXIT: A Novel by Taylor Adams


Gripping from beginning to end, Taylor Adams, creates an attention holding, gruesome, leave you on the edge of your seat, thriller with, NO EXIT.

He produces, well thought-out characters, with development through a plot with so many twists and turns, that leaves your heart racing for more.

Adams vivid imagery never leaves you guessing on what to visualize. He puts you right into the scene. At times your skin crawls with nausea from the descriptive details of this page turning thriller.

A Bit of Plot

After finding out the cancer has taken a turn for the worse, Darby Thorne sets out to her dying mother in Utah. Darby tying to make it in time to mend her relationship with her mom and say her goodbyes is throttled by a massive blizzard in the Colorado Rockies. Unable to continue through the storm, Darby is forced to pull over into the Wanashono rest area. She finds other strangers who are stranded in the storm, they notify her that there is no cell service and the fastest time road service can get to them will be morning. Knowing time is passing to say her goodbyes to her mom, she ventures out into the storm looking for service.

She does not find cell service but instead a terrifying scene in the back of a parked van. An animal cage with a human girl inside. Panic stricken, Darby’s flight or fight response kicks in. Darby knows going back into that rest area, enclosed with not only strangers but one of them being a kidnapper, will probably be the last night of her life. The question remains, with no one to trust, will she except this fate or will she go out trying to save the little girl and the other strangers, before her demise.

“I’m going to die tonight and what I am doing could be thought out better, but it’s to late now.”

My Takeaways

Although NO EXIT is categorized as a ‘whodunit’ thriller, I would call it more of a gruesome horror. It is a good cinematic read that keeps you entertained from page to page, but if you are looking for a mystery on who the antagonist is, you shouldn’t get your hopes up with this one.

Towards the beginning of Darby’s morbid adventure, you know who is the kidnapper. The plot then sets up the story as a, ‘how does the hero survive’ theme; keeping your attention with captivating twists that solidify your momentum forward.

I am not using the words ‘gory’ and ‘gruesome’ lightly. Adam’s ability to create well written imagery is something he should be rewarded for. Unlike most thrillers; the intense, descriptive scenes of pure gore leave you gasping for air after gagging.

“All artists express themselves through their instruments.”

If gore is not your thing and you can’t stomach it, I suggest finding a different thriller. You might have a hard time getting through some of Adams’ scenes. You have been warned.

Me waving to all the gore.

Not only does NO EXIT offer a grippingly detailed scenes but Adam’s also gives his amazing ability to develop characters. With each character having a riveting backstory and evolving throughout their stories, a bond between reader and character is made. Will this character make it out alive or will they fall into the grasps of evil.

“Excuses are poison… Doing the right thing is hard. Talking yourself out of it is easy.”

Darby’s character development was beautifully done. The wallflower blooms into the heroine, putting others lives before her own. She is forced to make a decision and chooses a path that allows her to grow into the person she has wanted to be. She wanted to change and was given the chance. She became the person that makes the most out of an oppurtunity, something she didn’t think herself capable of.

NO EXIT leaves you with a thought

Adams gives you an exciting plot with endless twists that leave you gasping and ready to devour more. The only question that remains is did Darby survive or is she just a memory?

Final Remarks

I have rated, NO EXIT with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I found in extremely entertaining and compelling until the very end.

I recommend this book to readers looking for a thrill packed adventure with a nice handful of gore. Sit tight while Adams throws you into a rest area turned murderous tundra.

NO EXIT: A Novel by Taylor Adams

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