Personal Day for Mental Stability

Some days you just have to turn the dial back and give yourself a breather.

Today is one of my personal days to help my mental stability for the next days. I have a lot going on starting tomorrow into the end of the week; things around the house, writing projects, and grocery shopping.

Yesterday I was starting to feel a little anxious among the arrival of my big to-do list. I was showing irritation and frustration for the tiniest things. At the end of the day I decided it was time for a mental break.

To help with my mental stability, I take personal days, like most people. I still wake up and follow my morning routine. This allows me to feel a little good about myself and accomplished for the day. I just do the bare minimum when it comes to choirs. Like today I have tidied up the kitchen and cleaned the litter box. Nothing big just little things to help ease my mind and keep my OCD calm for the day.

The rest of the day I have nothing planned, just going with the flow. I’ve been debating between reading and starting season 4 of ‘Riverdale’ 🤩!! I’m also going to pamper myself with a facemask and some fresh honeydew! Today is a day of letting all the negative energy evaporate so new ideas can flow.

What do you do for yourself on personal days? How does it help your mental stability?

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