The Best Cat Toys For Your Feline Friend

Hey all you cat moms and dads! If you are looking for a new toy for you feline friend, I have the best cat toy for them. Whether you have a spunky kitty already full of play time or a kitty that really doesn’t play as much as they should; R2P Pet has the solution for you.

Best Cat Toys

At R2P Pet they have a special line just for your favorite feline friends. Their Mad Cat collection is the perfect new addition to your cats toy box.

“Drive cats CRAZY!”

Mad Cat by R2P Pet

With all their Mad Cat products you get high-quality plush and their own special blend of catnip and an all natural catnip alternative, Silvervine. This perfect blend helps any cat find their inner kitten, even if your furry friend isn’t usually effected by regular catnip. The special blend is both potent and pesticide free to keep your cat safe while they chuck, pounce, and snuggle their new favorite toy. You can find all kind of toys with crinkles

My Testimonial

When my house had three cats running around, one of my roommates got Mad Cat Chicken and Waffles has a gift for the house. All the cats seemed to like the new toys and would play with them like any other toy.

When the other two cats left the house, just our cat, Pixel was left, she was a bit lonely. I set off to get her the usual, litter and food. As I walked to the register of our local Pet Value, I came across a familiar brand, Mad Cat. I thought what a perfect time for a new toy. I looked over all the funny, entertaining options; Peppurroni Pizza, Pouncin’ Prawn, Flingin’ Flamingo, etc. What my heart was drawn to though was the funny looking taco.

Pixel’s first Mad Cat Product the Mad Cat Tabby Taco

As soon as I brought home, Mad Cat Tabby Taco, I knew I had a winner for best cat toy. Before I could even get I could even get it out of the grocery bag, Pixel was all up on it. I have never seen a cat show so much love and energy over a toy.

Everyday she carries it around from room to room. Flinging and flopping around with it. Her favorite part about it is the string tassels (the cheese). She will chew and pull on these until she is in the deep slumber of a cat nap.

She loves it so much that we now have own three. Her first one was ruined and we needed to get a new toy. I was looking at everything and thought nothing could replace Tabby Taco. Since then we got another one and I didn’t have the heart to through away the first. Pixel now has two tacos that she carries around and plays with everyday, all day.

If you are looking for a special gift for your feline friend, R2P Pet‘s Mad Cat collection has the best cat toys for your kitty. Highly recommend checking out all their products for all your animals!

R2P Pet Website

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