The Silent Patient | Book Review 03

Welcome back to Book Review Thursday! Every week a new review is added to my Book Review Series in hopes of you finding your weekend read! You might need to sleep with the lights on and keep your doors locked this weekend after reading this weeks book review, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

“I remained silent. […] The dead don’t talk.”

The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides


A story of passion and heartbreak. Packed full of drama and deceit, Alex Michaelides’s first novel is a terrifying, psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat searching for a killer’s motive.

With character’s who come to life through the past and present, The Silent Patient delivers on what a true thriller needs, with a twist that will make your draw drop and reflecting back on every word you devoured.

A bit of Plot

“Alicia’s blue eyes remained as clear and cloudless as a summer’s day. She wasn’t mad. So what was she?

The Silent Patient takes us on a journey though the life of well known artist, Alicia Berenson both before and after she killed her husband, Gabriel. Six years after the night she put five bullets in him, she is in a psychiatric unit in North London called the Grove. In all the years after Gabriel’s death she has not spoken a word. The public eye now refers to her as the silent patient, and her artwork prices have surged.

Criminal psychotherapist, Theo Faber hears about Alicia’s story and becomes fascinated with it to the point of absolute obsession. Getting himself hired at the Grove to personally work with Alicia, he tries to unlock the mystery of why she shot her husband. He tries to get her to speak.

As he tries to find the truth we are taken back in time through Alicia’s diaries and Theo’s memories. Piecing together information that all leads down to that dreaded night six years ago.

The Silent Patient brings mystery and thriller together in a locked case that leaves everyone with one question, why did Alicia shoot her husband?

My Takeaways

The way Michealides is able to create both intense character development and plot(s) is remarkable. His writing keeps you moving throughout the story, questioning and trying to decipher an ending that is truly heart stopping (if you can’t figure it out, some people might).

The Silence

The way Michealides describes and portrays Alicia’s silence throughout the book makes you captivated on finding out the truth behind it. With all the little details along the way you find yourself intrigued with the silence, just like Theo.

Included the diary as the form of seeing Alicia’s past and her character development throughout the story, was a solid move. Though in some places going back and forth between her and Theo’s narrative gets confusing, it is still a great momentum builder for the climax and twist.

“About love. About how we often mistake love for fireworks– for drama and dysfunction. But really love is very quiet, very still.”

Theo’s Unsteadiness

Right away we learn Theo has had some past troubles and they have changed him. He tells us he is unstable. As we learn more about him and his past troubles, we see how it amplifies his obsession to learning more about the night Alicia killed her husband. His mental unsteadiness gives us the hope that out of everyone, he can be the one to get Alicia to speak.

“She was me, and I was here: we were two innocent victims, deceived and betrayed.”

The Intensity

Michaelides builds this intensity, causing anticipation of not knowing what a character’s next move is. Making you feel the pure want of knowing why she killed her husband and why she stayed silent six years later.

“The truth is we’re all scared. We’re terrified of each other. I’m terrified of myself– and of my mother in me. Is her madness in my blood?

Leaves you with a Thought

This psychological thriller, leaves you wondering just how much do we know hour loved ones? In a life or death situation, what would they choose?

Final Remarks

The Silent Patient stays true to it’s genre and delivers a thrilling read. I recommend to anyone looking for a psychological mind f*ck. The Twist will leave you dead silent as the truth is unraveled.

“The painting was a self-portrait. She titled it in the bottom left-hand corner of the canvas, in light blue Greek lettering.

One word:


The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

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