Found my Voice | Updates to Come

Over the past few days I have been taking a step back and looking at the big picture of what I am doing here. I found myself asking, “What is my purpose? How would I describe my writing voice?”

I did some deep thinking and finally I have I have found what I want to make of this blog and business.

I have been spending a lot of time on my brand and creating my knowledge and service on your device. With that being said, I will be launching a new outlook to my website tomorrow.

It will show exactly what I need and hopefully it will help others find the help they deserve.

Tomorrow is Sunday, no better time to change things up and start a new week fresh. Which my Inspiration Series posts will continue as a form of newsletter to start of the week. Bringing you tips&advice on organization/planning and motivation, to help you get through your Monday and week.

I’ll obviously put a special spin on things and give you the best music that is inspiring me and the latest book news and updates!

Organizing all my books like…

Until tomorrow! Enjoy your Saturday night!

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