Just Me

Jessica Valentine Kulp

Bartender&Server/Home Organizer&Planner

I am a B.A. Environmental Studies graduate from Penn State. Currently 27 years of age with a Taurus birthday. (Earth Day’s my birthday!) People usually describe me as very organized, creative, hardworking, and reliable. I love using different patterns, colors, and formats to plan and organize a project to get the job done. It is the method that best works for me and there is a method out there that works for you too.

Fun Fact About Me:

  • I am a mix of both left and right brained, with a gravitational pull towards the right. This means: I am creative with a logical view point. I am a visualizer who likes to know the facts and solve problems with my intuition.
  • Some of my hobbies include: reading, writing, planning, painting, cooking, and baking.
  • I believe there are both good sides and bad sides to social media. For small businesses, social media is the best way to get your companies name out there, at this point in time.

Skills I bring to the table:

  • Costumer Service:
    • My skills are managerial with the years in the Restaurant Industry .
  • Social Media
    • I have done a lot of hard work to gain the amount of knowledge this form of media requires.
  • Time Management
    • Organization and planning are a big part of how I stay on top of everything.
  • Creativity
    • My mind is always flowing and trying to make the best and simplest way of completing my projects.

Experiences I have gained:

  • Restaurant Industry for over 13 years:
    • I have done tons of parties that ranged from baby showers to rehearsal dinners
    • I have both set up and worked weddings as a bartender and helping the coordinator.
    • With a recent restaurant I worked at as a server/bartender/manager, I helped them fully set up a social media account. I did this for a few months and gained them:
      • multiple followers in a short period of time
      • a strategy to keep moving forward with
      • content to post and base future posts off of
    • I have managed and been a leader figure in multiple restaurants and know how to give excellent customer service.
  • I have interned with the Government, teaching a Wildlife/Nature camp to children ages 5-16.
    • created lesson plans and activities
    • taught my lessons and others