Inspiration 05 | Emo Pop & New Books

It all started earlier in the week, I was coming home from the grocery store listening to the radio. A classic jam came on and sent me back into an emo pop frenzy, for the week. This week’s inspiration comes from Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy.

While the man was out fishing earlier this week, I got the rest of my spring cleaning done. Pushing through all of my tasks and planning out my week, I went back in time to the early days of Warped Tour. Headlining bands for me being, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, of course Fall Out Boy, and I threw in some Senses Fail for good measure. My house is spotless. Highly recommend the throwback.

Now that the playlist is set lets dive into this weeks inspiration, for news, tips and advice on my everyday activities. We also have a special event announcement!

Morning Routine

Within the first twenty minutes of waking up, your subconscious becomes the most active. These first moments, set the stage for how you are going to experience the rest of your day. Taking control early on can help your day play out the best possible; with good energy and a positive attitude you are ready to accomplish anything. Having a morning routine can help guide your subconscious.

A morning routine can help give you peace of mind to start the day. It allows you to build excitement and energy. Having a few things you do to start your morning, everyday, will allow you to form better habits and will help your mind and spirit. Routines are the best chance at making sure your days are as good as can be.

My Mornings

  1. Wake Up & Water: I usually spend the first few minutes awake going through my emails and notifications. I mark everything I would like to read more about and engage with. This gets me motivated to accomplish something from the start. Always remember to drink water in the morning, it keeps you hydrated and can improve your immune system.
  2. Shower & Coffee: I take sometime to myself. I shower and pamper myself to gain my confidence for the day. I drink my first cup of coffee while self motivating.
  3. Chores: To get my mind moving and grooving, I do my chores for the day. At least the smaller ones. I leave longer and daunting tasks for after my morning writing session. Dishes are the main morning task, while I sip more coffee. Most of my best blog ideas come from scrubbing stuff clean.
  4. Review Goals: As I transition from my morning routine to my writing sessions, I go over everything I want to accomplish for the day/week.
  5. Inspiration & A Plan: I get myself motivated, usually with what music playlist is inspiring me for the day. Then I use those fresh juices to start setting up a plan of attack to reach all of my daily goals.
  6. Start & Coffee: Grabbing a fresh cup of energy, I getting moving into my daily writing routine.
Tip: If you are not a morning person and can’t seem to find your spark, try tackling a smaller task first. Make it something that requires little time and minimal effort. You will find that most times just knowing you accomplished one thing can motivate you to the next. That’s why I set out a few minutes in the morning doing chores.

In all my morning routine takes about an hour. It may be a bit longer than some people like but, at the moment, it helps me start mentally prepare for another day stuck in the house, at the moment.

Books | Books | Books

Every week books give me the inspiration to keep going and searching for a new adventure.


New Books added to the TBR.
A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight & If It Bleeds by Stephan King

I finished Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo and have started Reflection: A Twisted Tale by Elizabeth Lim, this week. I have filled in the two spots with some new books this week. For my Book of the Month pick for May, I chose A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight. I picked up Stephen King’s newest fiction novel, If It Bleeds, at Walmart the same day I was out listening to my emo pop playlist. I will be be getting to them as soon as possible but, my first read after Reflection will be Riley Sager’s first novel, Final Girls.

Book Reviews

I have recently started my own Book Review Series. Every Thursday I will be posting a book review. My hope is that it inspires you to get the book for your weekend read!

My first review was NO EXIT by Taylor Adams (Book Review), followed by The Winter Sister by Megan Collins (Book Review). I am currently working on a review for The Silent Patient by Alec Michaelides.

I have started discussion pages about my book reviews. This is where I answer the questions I had going into the book. The pages will be filled with spoilers, that’s why I wanted to make them separate. If you have read The Winter Sister and would like to get in on the discussion visit the Q&A Discussion Page.

TBR and Book Review Books
Books TBR and Reviewed

New Bookshelf

As a gift this week, I received a new bookshelf. It is a 9 cubed organizing shelf and it even came with some shelf bins. I am super excited to start organizing it! What could be more inspiring to a bibliophile than a new bookshelf? Nothing, other than new books to fill it with maybe.

I am working on getting a picture and sharing it with you! First I have to plan an organization strategy myself. For now check out these organizing tips.

Tips for Organizing your own Bookshelf

  • Find its Purpose:
    • Is it a fun, recreational bookshelf. Somewhere you can place nic-nacs and set up a stunning entertainment display. You can have all your games and crafts lined up and ready for use.
    • A more business oriented shelf. All of the things on it are important go to needs for accomplishing your work and tasks. All of your important files and books are built into one spot for easy access.
    • Maybe you want a bit of both in your life and have a nice balance of the two.
  • What is Your Style:
    • Are you someone who enjoys outgoing loud, funky colors?
    • Maybe you find yourself enjoying a neutral, plain and solid look.
    • Or you could be like me and like to look at a nice aura of pastels and patterns in a neutral environment.
  • The Balance:
    • No matter what your style or purpose to your new bookshelf, you have to find the balance between your objects.
    • It should go without saying but, it looks funny when you have one side of shelves is full of books, another side full of nic-nacs or other objects, and then another section is just bins.
    • Mix it up, spread them out, make your bookshelf show flow and rhythm.

Every bookshelf is different because it’s how you personalize it that brings it fulling into the space and makes it special.

Special Event Announcement

If you have been following my posts the last few months, you may have picked up on a few things like: The constant mentioning of Riley Sager and his three books being grouped together in book review photos. This is because starting June 11th I will be hosting…

Sager Saga | Book Review Event

Riley Sager's first three books for Book Reviews


  hours  minutes  seconds


The last three Thursday’s in June, I will be devoting my Book Review Series to Riley Sager. I will be reviewing and holding discussions for one of his first three books each week. This is all leading up to the release of his new book, Home Before Dark, on June 30th. The perfect way to celebrate a book release is reading, discussing, and celebrating that author.

Join me in this celebration and check out the official Sager Saga Page, for more information.

Stay tuned this week for more tips, advice, and information. Along with some entertainment.

A list of all the book links: