13 Reasons Why, Season 4 | Mini Review

13 Reasons Why, Season 4 | Mini Review

13 Reasons Why, Season 4

6/10 ⭐’s

Let me start off by saying, 13 Reasons Why is a much watch for ANYBODY! Yes, it is a very triggering series but THAT IS THE POINT. It is supposed to make you uncomfortable. It is supposed to get you thinking, talking, reacting. This is why it is important to watch and take in all of these hard topics that the show covers. WATCH IT ALL.

“If you die today is your conscience clear?”

Season 4 really surprised me. I just watched it this weekend and with everything happening in America and the world, it was shocking to see them cover the topics they did.

I don’t want to give away to many details because I believe this is a show that needs to be watched first and then discussed. So please if you have watched the whole show or even just up to season 3, please comment on this post and share your feelings.

On that note…

This season covers multiple controversial and serious topics just like always. They amplify the topics of race, police brutality, and gun violence, among the other hard topics that they show is known for.

One of the characters talks about their actions in past seasons with guns. To hear him talk and strip down his wall to express his feelings both in the past and now in the present was just beautifully done. Like always they handle the topics with true care and make you second guess your initial feelings about the subject.

I found it crazy that at this time this season was released because they amplify how the police has become militarized. By bring the police presence into the school, they have shown just how corrupt and damaging it is to students. They show how police brutality and race play in the hands of some officers, while showing the good in other officers as well.

“You gonna pat down those white kids over there?”

In all, like I said before, this show NEEDS to be watched. Even now being out of high school for ten years now (holy shit), it has helped me come to terms with some of the feelings and emotions I had back then.

The reason I gave this season a lower rating than I gave the other seasons is simply because, some of it felt very rushed. Like they through stuff in just to build more content and it just wasn’t needed.

13 Reasons Why, Season 4 | Mini Review
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