Sager Saga | Book Review Event with Special Announcement

Sager Saga | Book Review Event

Riley Sager's first three books for Book Reviews


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To celebrate Riley Sager’s new book, Home Before Dark, releasing June 30th, I have decided to through an event leading up to that day. So I have created:

The Sager Saga | Book Review Event

The last three Thursdays in June will be dedicated to book reviews on Riley Sager’s first three novels. Each week, starting June 11th and ending June 25th, there will be a new Sager book review for my Thursday Book Review Series. There will also be Q&A Discussion pages with spoilers, questions and answers, and discussion that everyone can engage with in!

June 11th: Final Girls | Book Review

June 18th: The Last Time I Lied | Book Review

June 25th: Lock Every Door | Book Review

June 30th: Home Before Dark | Book Release

The Books

Sager Saga | Book Review Event- Author Riley Sager- Final Girls

Final Girls

Quincy is the last girl alive after being a victim of a brutal killing spree. She is the third girl to live through such a trauma. The news starts referring to the three girls, Lisa, Sam, and Quincy, as the Final Girls.

The girls avoiding each other at all costs, until Lisa is found dead and Sam is at Quincy’s front door. After new information from Lisa’s death is released, Quincy finds herself in a position of life or death.

Why did Sam suddenly seek her out? What is the purpose to all the questions she asks? Quincy must sift through Sam’s truths and lies in order to survive.

Sager Saga | Book Review Event- Author Riley Sager- The Last Time I Lied

The Last Time I Lied

After fifteen years, Camp Nightingale is reopening. Past-camper, Emma is approached by the owner, asking her to come back as a painting instructor. Emma takes the opportunity.

Maybe she can finally find out what happened to those girls that night, all those years ago. Emma last saw Vivian, hushing her as the three girls creeped out of the cabin.

Sorting through the lies of the past puts her present at jeopardy. She realizes the answers she seeks might come at a deathly rate.

Sager Saga | Book Review Event- Author Riley Sager- Lock Every Door

Lock Every Door

Jules is hired as an ‘Apartment Sitter’ in Manhattan. When she arrives at her new, temporary home, the Bartholomew, she instantly understands why it is seen as high-profile and mysterious.

Shortly after settling in, Jules finds comfort in one of the other ‘apartment sitters’, Ingrid. After Ingrid confides in Jules about her dark findings about the Bartholomew, she vanishes.

To find out what happened to her, Jules must uncover herself, the buildings dark history. She must hurry to find an unmasked killer before the Bartholomew can take her too.

Home Before Dark

Baneberry Hall was Maggie Holt’s home for all of three weeks. Twenty-five years ago, her family fled the estate in the dead of night. Her father voices some of the ghost stories that lead them to leave, in his nonfiction book, House of Horrors.

Maggie returns to the old Victorian house years later, after she inherited the property when her dad died. To young to remember or believe her father’s stories, she settles in to restore her old home.

Within the house Maggie starts to have strange occurrences. Soon she starts to believe her fathers words were not fiction after all.

Riley Sager

Riley Sager is a Pennsylvania native but now lives in Princeton, NJ. Sager debuted in the literary world with, Final Girls as an International Bestseller, written in 25 different languages. He went on to write two New York Times Bestsellers with The Last Time I Lied & Lock Every Door.

Special Announcement

Riley Sager Book Review
The Line Up

As a member of Book of the Month Club, I was able to receive a copy of Home Before Dark as a June book! As much as it excites me to read this book, it also is of great pleasure I announce, I will be reviewing the book before it is released in stores! I am so excited to share with you my opinion and I am sure my recommendation of going and getting your own copy!

Get your own subscription to Book of the Month Club, here.

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