Home Before Dark by Riley Sager | Book Review

Home Before Dark | Book Review 09

Today is a special treat with an exclusive book review of Riley Sager‘s newest book, Home Before Dark. The release date is June 30, 2020.

“We fled in the dead of night on July 15th.”

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager | Book Review

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager


Riley Sager has done it again folks! His newest book Home Before Dark is a heart pumping tale of both past and present that keeps you sucked in and wanting more.

A bit of Plot

Twenty-five years ago, Maggie Holt and her family ran out of their home at Baneberry Hall and never returned. Her father, Ewan wrote a book, House of Horrors, retelling the ghostly tales of what lead them to flee.

Now after the death of her father, Maggie returns to Baneberry Hall to renovate and resell. She has never believed her father’s book to be true, mainly because she doesn’t remember any of the events involving herself. But after spending nights in her old family home, she starts to wonder just how much of her father’s book is actually real.

” ‘What does Mister Shadow say?’ ‘He says–‘ Maggie gulped, trying hard to hold back her tears. ‘He says we’re going to die here.’ “

My Takeaways

Riley Sager has created a paranormal masterpiece with his new book Home Before Dark. He takes us on a journey through the eyes of Maggie Holt’s present and through her father’s book that recalls the ghostly events that happened so long ago.

Before you dig into this one you might what to reassure yourself that you aren’t afraid of no ghosts.

Maggie vs Baneberry Hall

Sager does a wonderful job showing Maggie’s relationship with Baneberry Hall. She doesn’t remember any of her time there but has seen it through her father’s book. One thing that she knows is that her parents were dead set on her not returning to that house, ever again.

“It– it’s not safe there. Not for you.”

Fiction vs Reality

The push and pull between what you think is real and what you think is made up is beautifully done. While reading the chapters of Ewan’s book, you can’t help to wonder just how much of it is real. Especially when history starts to repeat itself in present day.

“Right now, the Book is more real than it’s ever been.”

The Signs

Sager also does an amazing job describing the signs that are right there in front of you without fully coming out and showing you the meaning of them until the end reveal.

“A sign that spirits were active. I felt foolish for not realizing it sooner.”

Leaves you with a Thought

Riley Sager really makes you wonder just how far will you go to protect the ones that you love?

Final Remarks

Home Before Dark is my new favorite ghost story. With an action packed plot that makes you fear what the next words you read might hold.

“The Haunting of Baneberry Hall

Fearing for their lives, new owners flee historic estate.”

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager | Book Review

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

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