Organized Planning in June

It is a new month and that means time to set up your planners for the new days ahead by showing you how I am setting up and organizing my planners for the month of June.

Organizing my planners for the month of June

This month I am actually working with three different planners. I am using them in different ways and seeing if I want to continue this method through to next month. Maybe even continue through the rest of the year. Depending on how these new methods work out will determine my planner purchases going into 2021. But that’s awhile off still.

Passion Planner

Since COVID-19 has put a stop to most plans the first half of the year, Passion Planner decided to lower the prices of their Dated 2020 planners. I jumped on their $7 dollar planner as soon as I saw the ad pop up on Instagram. Probably the only ad I was excited to see.

I have always wondered what the big deal was over this planner. Since I have always been more of a horizontal layout lover, I never really had the want or need to purchase this planner. Especially at full price. I decided to take advantage of the low price. I wanted to check it out and really find out just why everyone raves about this planner.

2020 Dated Forest Green Passion Planner

I received my Passion Planner on Friday, May 29th, and since then I have actually really enjoyed using it. Since this planner is own that is set around personal growth and accomplishing goals, I have made this my main planner of June. I am not going to to far into what I love and dislike about it at the moment; one, because I just started to use it and two, I plan on writing a full review about it. But let us look at some layouts I have organized within the planner so far.

Passion Planner June Monthly Layout

I set up some color coding, because I LOVE COLOR. I try to make a nice balance between neat and creative when using planners. This layout allows for me to do that with a different sections for my monthly focus and goals. I usually don’t use too much of a monthly layout when it comes to planners.

With that being said I do like the ‘Mindmap Monthly Gamechanger’ section and will be taking full advantage of that with the months to come. With all the little sections on these pages, I feel like I will return more throughout the month. This is something I always kind of push under the rug while planning throughout my month. I usually end up just focusing on a weekly layout, day by day.

Since Passion Planner is an hourly layout, I went with the traditional blocking method. I am organizing my blocks by color just like in the monthly layout. I like doing this so at a quick glance I can see what I spent most of my time doing on a certain day and throughout the week.

I am using my ‘space of infinite possibility’ to show the color key, at least until I memorize it. This is also where I plan to list out the tasks I need to do and what I actually did in some of the categories. I like the ‘good things that happened’ section as well because it gives me a set area to look back and remember what that week held for me.

I will be using the Passion Planner as my main planner from now on. This is because of the goal factors, focuses, and I am enjoying seeing where my time is actually being spent.

Pour Vous Weekly Pad

I talked about this weekly pad before in my Organized Planning in May post. Over the past month this have been my most used source for planning.

I am using this weekly pad as my writing planner. I am using this to plan out my writing schedule and posts, so I stay on track and can prioritize my posts and work.

Pour Vous Weekly Pad Layout

At the top I have made kind of like a mood tracker for each day. Smiley face would be a good writing day, very productive and feeling satisfied with how my writing day went. I put a meh face for days that I accomplish but just feel like I didn’t perform to my top abilities. Then of course, sad face for the days I just completely flop. On the back if I feel the day needs clarification, I write out a statement why I made that mood face.

Then I have different categories for each day as well.

  • A post section:
    • This is where I write what my main blog post of the day was. I also have a little box next to the section name. I use that to show if the planned with a right to left slash and then when it is posted I finish it off by making an X.
  • Work section:
    • This is where I write my main focuses for that day. What I need to work on and what I need to plan.
  • An important section:
    • I write a main focus and goal in this section for the day.

I will most definitely continue using this weekly pad in the future. It has been a great organizer for all of my writing projects. It is strictly for writing so there isn’t a lot of fluff to distract me from my writing tasks.

Plum Paper Planner

I also brought up Plum Paper‘s planner in Organized Planning in May post. I still absolutely love this planner. I have been thinking about other layouts for it though. With my new found love of an hourly, block layout, I feel like I need something else other than my normal horizontal layout. I am as shocked as anyone else who knows my love of horizontal.

I am going to try something new for the month of June with my Plum Paper planner. I am going to use this as a personal journal planner. Using this as more of a personal goals and tasks. I think it will be perfect for keeping my motivation and inspiration up and flowing.

The Supplies

My main go to products are the Stabilo Boss mid-lighters and then my new favorite pen is Paper Mate’s Ink Joy gel 0.5. You can’t go wrong with this fine tip that leaves little to no smudges when ran over with the mid-lighters.

Looking to the future of Organized Planning

I am hoping to get going with some videos posted on YouTube. Just quick videos showing some cool organizational tricks with my planners. Also I would like to show you my exact process while planning out the month. So maybe Organized Planning in July will have some extra features. Fingers Crossed.

Check out my Organized Planning Series for more planning and organizing tips and advice!

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