National Pen Pal Day, A letter to my pen pal.

A Letter to my Pen Pal

As Rosie Tholl traveled the world to meet her pen pals, she realized she wanted to show appreciation to them on a higher level, thus, creating National Pen Pal Day.

Every year on June 1st, we celebrate our far away friends who we entrust our personal lives and feelings with. We celebrate the benefits of having a pen pal such as, broadening our view of the world.

Having a pen pal from across the world, gives you an insight on how their culture and life is different. It shows us how others live. It also helps us improve our writing skills because you are engaging in telling someone your emotions and life story.

Why you should write a letter today

Our lives have been flipped upside down worldwide these past few months. Being quarantined during a life threatening virus that has gone global isn’t quite the best way to help with stress and uncertainty. Now if you are in the United States of America, you have another concern on your hands.

To help release some tension and our emotions, we can write it out. Now some of us (including me) don’t have a pen pal, or someone close to them that they can write to. That’s fine, if you are comfortable posting it to any social platform then do that. See how people respond and engage with you.

Maybe you are to afraid or just not comfortable letting others see your emotions and feelings. That’s okay too. The important thing is to write everything down. Every last bit. The feelings you have being cooped up in your house or how you feel finally being able to leave your house. What is happening in your life and how are you dealing with it. Maybe something so joyous happened to you that you want to shout it from the roof tops. Whatever is on your mind just get it out. Write it all down. Read your words. Allow yourself to feel them all.

Now share those words or set them up in flames. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is you wrote them down. You let the words spill from inside you and gave them life and meaning. I promise you, you will feel a lot better and feel rewarded. It might take some time but getting your feelings out is the first key to growth and the understanding of them.

To my Pen Pal

I do not have a pen pal. I do have friends over seas and this day and frankly this year so far have given me a want to reach out to them more. So who knows maybe I will gain a pen pal today. If you want to be mine please don’t hesitate to send me an email ( With that being said, all of my readers will be my pen pal today. So help me celebrate National Pen Pal Day and read my letter and write your own.

To: My Pen Pal

From: Jessie Val

The breezes have picked up in Hershey, PA. Just like the warm sun rays. Just in time for Dauphin County to swing into the yellow phase of our states COVID-19 plan. Today is the first day of June and honestly it couldn’t have been a nicer day outside. Some in America would say it is the perfect protest weather. Which is exactly what is running through this country like a wildfire in a prairie. Our nation has always been segregated, let’s be honest. Over the last few decades there have been attempts to stop this and stand together. This last week has changed all of that.

A man died in Minnesota while a cops knee was placed on his neck. He was videoed while saying “I can’t breathe.” Police Brutality. The man’s name is George Floyd, a black man. The cop’s name is Derek Chauvin, a white man. Racism. Both of these statements, police brutality and racism are wrong. Both have been noticed and present for years. But this week was enough. The country inflamed itself with protests. You will most likely only see the bad ones in the news but there are peaceful protests as well. Why they are protesting is the same reason, even though it might not be handled the correct way.

Our country is divided and seeing how people are reacting is a real wake up call. I hate how some of us think that looting, killing, and arson are the answer to get people to see. I know it feels like the only way to be seen because that’s how media portrays it. It is the only way to get the message noticed. It’s not. Now our president is calling for my law enforcement to shut these protests down with more force. Which isn’t the answer either. I feel like combined, my nation is just like my thoughts on all of this. Unsure and completely confused. Where do we even go from here?

I saw this video on Barstool of a guy talking about the protests in America and he put it quiet clearly for me. Everyone should feel the same walking down the street and seeing a police officer or squad car. They should feel at ease and know that if anything were to happen, they were there to protect them. They should feel safe and secure while walking down town. He said that is what our goal should be as a nation. To make sure that everyone feels as safe and respected in the presence of a cop. No one should fear or feel uncertain about their presence. If I can find the video I’ll send it to you.

This whole thing makes me feel grateful and crushed all at once. I am trying to keep my head organized and entwined but it’s honestly just sickening that this is a reality that we are still living with in this nation. It is sickening that this is where some of us think we should be. It’s heartbreaking to say that we have not progressed as a united nation at all but are just held together by a fake aura.

I am grateful that I grew up in towns that we for the most part able to see people for who they are and not what they look like. I was able to form my own opinions about people because I was given the opportunity to get to know multiple people growing up. I am crushed to see how many sheltered people still live in this country. The country of the free. It’s like everyone is blind by their own narcissism to see that they are going against their own laws and murals of being able to have that freedom in this country. I can’t believe someone who is so vile to his own citizens still has any say in the matter of the protests. Someone who can handle this situation without bring more harm needs to be handling this. This place is really just going down hill as all the deceit and lies start coming out.

I am happy I have someone to get this off of my chest about. It might not make sense, you might not agree with it, but I just needed to put words to the emotions I have been feeling. Which is why I am happy to have you to share all of these things with. It’s important to have someone on the outside of things.

On a lighter note. Since it is the start of June, I am doing a lot more fun planning. I have decided to try out a passion planner. Have you ever had one? Well since we have been in quarantine for so long, there really is no telling when businesses can fully open up without restrictions or even if they will be able to stay open. So Passion Planner is selling their dated 2020 planners for $7 in the US. I figured I would try one out and see what all the fuss is about. I can’t wait to show you how I set up June. I’ll send you the details this week.

June also means my Sager Saga will also happen! I am so excited to review these books that you know, have been such an impact on my reading life. I am over half way done with Final Girls now and I can’t believe I waited so long to read his first book. Also more great news! Book of the Month is releasing Riley Sager’s new book this month! As an early release and 4-peat author!

You know the book I am talking about, i told you about it two letter’s ago I think, Home Before Dark. So since I will be getting an early copy, it is only fair that I review it for the people who have to wait until June 30th. So I plan on writing a special review right before it comes out. Obviously I have to read it first and you know how slow of a reader I am. My time will be mostly spent on reading and writing posts the next few weeks. But you know me, I have a new planner to help plan it all out and stay organized!

I hope you are having a better week than we have over here. Can’t wait to hear back from you.

With love, Happy National Pen Pal Day,

Your Pen Pal, Jessie Val

Now it’s time for you to write your letter. Read it, Share it, Burn it, whatever you do with it; it is just important that you get your feelings out. I guarantee it will help you in some way.

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